About Us 

The Temple of Vedic Astrology is a non-profit, tax-exempt religious and Astrological organization formed to aid people in finding wisdom, spirituality and eternal peace in life.

The Temple of Vedic Astrology is a service-based entity, satisfying the community’s spiritual and Astrological needs since 1997.  Reverend Suresh Deshmukh is the founder. He is a learned, experienced Hindu Vedic Astrologer and a member of CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology).  

Given that the roots of Vedic Astrology are in the Vedas, he has learned Sanskrit, and the Vedas, along with Vedic Astrology. As a matter of fact, he is the very first licensed Vedic astrologer in Ohio. With 30 years of experience in reading astrological charts, his predictions are accurate and his remedies to harmonize planetary influences are exceptionally simple, yet highly effective.

Suresh has helped many families here in the USA and also in India.  If you need any type of astrological help, contact Suresh through his email, deshmukh@birthstar.com.  His accurate predictions, and powerful remedies, prayers, and more, can direct you on the right path and cultivate good fortune.

The Temple of Vedic Pooja is an all in one organization which can provide you astrological as well as spiritual counseling services to achieve a superior quality of life through spiritual advancement.